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Dear Kadir

My son has been with you for a few sessions now. I am really pleased to see him developing in such a short time. I am not only talking about his footballing skills. This is not as important as his overall development.

To begin with, he has grown in confidence. I can see him being social with the kids and he has developed something I feel is important for this age: a team spirit. It is not only about how HE does but it is slowly bringing up about how "we did". For a child that a year ago was scared to take part in activities that required interaction with strangers this is nice progress.

Two more things that I have noticed as a parent are that my son is now thinking how to improve! His attitude was quite often that he is not capable of doing something or if he could, that he did not need to work on it. Now he feels that he can get better with putting in effort. He observes and he tries to do things. For instance he is trying "skills" with a ball at home almost all the time. What I like is that he is not shy to try them in the game as well. The second is that his concentration has also improved. He needs more work but I can see a difference.

Most importantly these attributes seem to expand to other aspects, not just football. Also school has seen a good deal of improvement in confidence, participation and concentration.

In Greece there is an ancient saying: a healthy mind is aided by a healthy body. This was what I wanted to see in my son and so far I am happy to see it happening.

All the best
Pavlos (football parent)

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