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Great Meeting; Tom Elliot and Free Range Kids

Kadir Colakoglu and Tom Elliot

As a football coach and founder of Free Range Kids Football academy, Kadir's aim to contribute to our football players to enlarge their experience. " I have met Tom Elliot when I was working in Wimbledon fc. I helped to improve him. During last two years he gain lots of experience and now he is a complete football player. Thanks to his development Tom has awarded as a player of the year in Wimbledon fc. and his success moved him in a higher football league ( England Championship). I strongly believe that Tom will be very successful in Millwall fc and He will put his mark in the league. Tom is a perfect role modal for young generation. As you imagine it is very difficult to be a professional football player but Tom is. It is very difficult to be a striker but Tom is. Tom also has perfect speech and great relationship with kids. That's why I have invited Tom to meet our players", said Free Range Kids Football academy coach Kadir Colakoglu.

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