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Observing Chelsea fc Football Stars

Champions of English Premier League in 2016-2017 football season.

Free Range Kids Academy head coach Kadir Colakoglu has been invited to observe Chelsea fc first team coach Antonio Conte's football sessions in Chelsea fc football training ground in Cobham.

"To be able to visit Chelsea fc training ground and meeting all champion football stars, also to met Antonio Conte who won the premier league title in his first season was like my dream comes true. I always get as an example the best successful people, Antonio Conte is one of them. That's why to speak with him and to understand his football philosophy is very important for my football career. I had a chance to improve my knowledge and experience during my visit to Chelsea fc training ground. I had a chance to improve my tactical approaches. I had an opportunity to speak with all football players especially with Edin Hazard, William, Cesc Fabregas, Nemanja Matic, David Luis, Pedro and Diego Costa. It was an unique experience indeed. This is a dream of all football people in the world. That's why I feel extremely lucky to have had this chance. I definitely will transfer and reflect that experience during my football coaching to the my football players. For these reasons players who will train with me will get the best of football and the best of me. " said Kadir Colakoglu.

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